Minera de Órgiva is the current operator of the mining concession "Lújar No. 30,411" located in the town of Orgiva (Granada).

It extracts fluorite (trade name fluorspar), which is considered a priority raw material mineral according to the Royal Decree 647/2002.

Orgiva is considered the capital of the region of the Alpujarra, which has always been linked to mining. The Phoenicians began the development of the field, followed by the Romans and so on until today.

During the years 70-80, under direction of the Penarroya Metallurgical Mining Company, the activity of the mine was in it’s glory years, reaching it’s own flotation plant and providing jobs for about 270 workers. The company closed in 1989.

In 2010 and with the addition of new partners, Minera de Órgiva reactivated the exploitation of the mine.